Format error for one song on mp3 player

One song that I want to play on my mp3 player keep coming up "Format Error". Why is it doing this for one song and what can i do to fix it?
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  1. You can't, unless you find out WHAT format it is, and install a player that is compatible with THAT format.
    Apparently, you are trying to play a file that IS NOT MP3.
  2. then why does the other song from the same cd play just fine on my player? I took 2 songs from one cd and one works and the other doesn't. WHY???
  3. Did you encode the song yourself from the CD? Or did you download it?

    If you have the CD, then just re-encode that one song and replace the corrupted version on your MP3 player. If you downloaded it, then it could be one of two issues:

    1. The MP3 file itself is corrupted on the site that I assume you purchased it from.
    2. The MP3 file became corrupted as you were downloading it.

    #2 doesn't really happen often, but it can happen. It happened to me once from what I can remember. I downloaded a large patch file once, then tried to install it. I more or less got an invalid application error. I downloaded it again and it was fine.

    You can try to contact customer support (assuming you purchased the downloaded song) and tell them the issue you are having.
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