64-bit xeons and the itanic

<A HREF="http://www.sudhian.com/showdocs.cfm?aid=490" target="_new"> Sudhian Media </A> has a little editorial on what might happen with Intel's latest move.
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  1. I not sure about that if they play on equal footing the gap will widen between Itanium and Xeon on 64 bit apps and the gap will lessen for X86 apps.

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  2. I have some trouble with the article.. for instance, it seems to completely ignore the fact that Itanium is HP's succesor to PA-Risc, and will over time, be the only platform for running HP-UX. That alone, pretty much guarantees Itanium is not going anywhere.

    The second thing they ignore, is Itaniums FP performance; in the HPC market, P/P is king, and I expect Itanium to compete well for FP sensitive apps.

    x86-64 might limit Itanium to those niches, (like in , not going anywhere *else* :), but scenario 1 is *highly* unlikely for the foreseeable future (like in 10+ years). Its success will now depend on Intels capability to widen the performance gap with x86. As it stands, I don't see a whole lot of growth potential, since the gap is pretty minor but that might change quickly..

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  3. Not only that, but a 64 bit xeon would only be a transition chip. Once everyone is setup for 64 bit computing, do you stick with the hobbled xeon, or go on to the faster stronger Itanic?
  4. Intel moving software to virtualisation multiple OS in real time for many apps on differente Os and emulator for all.All OEM support (exception to SUN) all Os support (exception to solaris) most critical mission apps support and performance to go with the price is low.Compiler and tool are easy to find from ICC ICF GCC MS visual studio HP compiler for Unix/open VMS non-stop.

    Maybe it will never reach 1 to 2 way market but 4 cpu and higher they might be the best solution all around.Most hp reseller are happy with 2004 2H sale forcast.

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