CPU/Mobo/PSU Problems

Wow, Iv'e installed an NF7-S + barton + Corsair 3200LL with a new Enermax Noise taker (EG425P-VE with Smart Fan feature). What a cluster-[-peep-], which I attribute to win98se (I know, I know, but XP isn't an option atm)

Anyway,after the hand-to-hand combat required to install the chipset drivers, things started looking up. Got the new rig on network and connected to broadband (no small miracle for nOOb like me) this AM I go to boot up and wham! for a whole one second it looks good, fans start spinning, mobo lights up etc. At the conclusion of that one glorious second, everything slows way down. I mean the fans start spinning in slow motion. Of course no fricken boot.

So I try again (like the shampoo bottle instructions, re-apply as neccessary etc.) after maybe four attemps. I try something different. After using the power button to shut down, this time I let the fan continue spinning on my PSU fan till they WANT to stop (Smart Fan stuff) then turn the power off in the back and turn back on. This time it boots.

The BIOS report my cpu as 1100 (or something similar) mghz with a warning that I have cpu failure plus something about the Soft Menu in BIOS. I clear the CMOS. Same reporting of cpu at reduced speed (prolly 100 FSB). I go into bios which reports chip @ 2500 in menu. After setting cpu manually and then back to auto it begins reporting properly at boot up (for a while cpu wasn't even shown on screen, just ram speed, also the little mem test was looping)

Anyway that seem fixed now. HOWEVER, the BIOS reports a zero value for my -5V rail? Huh?.

I had Sanra handy, that reported -3.55v on the -5v rail?

For the first two days of operation (I use that term looslely) the BIOS reported very good rails as one would expect from an Enermax.

What should I do?
I'm thinking I need to verify the rail problem indepedantly with a tool (voltimeter or something). What tool do I need to get. How much do they cost? etc

Any and all comments, suggestion and advice will be greatly appreciated.

BTW, this is my second board, the other having to be rma'd. I'm hoping that won't be neccessary again

Soory about the long post, but the Devil's in the details

XP 2000+
Maxtor 60GB ATA 133 7200RPM
512MB PC2700
9600 Pro
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  1. U sure u connected everything properly without shorting anything?

    Did u connect the additional 4pin power connector to the Mobo?

    The loving are the daring!
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