AW M15x now available with 5850

I was expecting to see 5870 in it,but still its a good option
Currently its $50 cheaper than GTX 260M
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  1. Your post matches the card in the comment. =x

    But yeah, it's nice to see they're upgrading the card.
  2. lol sorry just edited it :D
  3. I would have hoped for a 5870 as well. As it stands, the M15x wouldn't be any better than the new MSI GX640 which is consequently $400 cheaper. Plus, it won't match the performance of the Sager NP8690 for about the same price.

    MSI GX640:
  4. Oooh, that MSI looks so delicious. How reliable are MSI laptops though? And how's their warranty service?

    I'm one of those people who usually like 3 year warranties, so I'd prefer a pretty good 1-year warranty alongside good build quality.
  5. Not sure about the warranty but its a good brand overall.
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