SiS' 2004 roadmap STILL supports RDRAM !

Well..this a repost of what i wrote in the "Motherboards and Chipsets forum"...but i got no response there...and was really interested in what everyone thinks....

""{Even though I still have a 850 chipset/RDRAM setup...and I've always liked RDRAM over DDR...and felt really sorry that INTEL killed RDRAM (RAMBUS sucked), I dont understand why SiS still supports it...

Is it still possible that any new buyer would consider a PRESCOTT/RDRAM setup in 2004/2005...???

Check it out...

"For whatever reason, SiS will continue their RDRAM support throughout 2004 and into 2005 with these two chipsets. Other than the memory interface, everything else remains the same as the DDR based chipsets."}""
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  1. SiS has been sticking with RDRAM for whatever reason... I can't really understand why since demand for it nowadays is almost nil.

    Maybe RAMBUS bought stock in SiS?

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  2. "Maybe RAMBUS bought stock in SiS?" never know....!!
  3. I'd prolly go with it next upgrade, only if it was faster. The way they are making CPU's chipsets now, there wont be such thing as a mainboard that can last a good 2 years and that be upgradeable.

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    Figured i'd do it too..reality my ass.
  4. Actually, with 1200 MHz RDRAM around the corner (or even available ?) a dual channel RDRAM board might prove to be faster than a DDR one. i850 was quite competitive with DDR solutions (if not superior), even though it was a very castrated RDRAM implementation.

    What killed RDRAM was mostly the memory price, and to a lesser extent, its reputation. But today, RDRAM isnt all that more expensive as DDR, so why not ? i'm curious how it will perform, and frankly, I wouldnt be surprised if it ends up being the fastest P4 platform around.

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  5. It probably will be with 9.6GB/s of bandwidth vs. DDR400's 6.4GB/s in dual channel...if everything else remains the same.

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  6. RDRAM was always the fastest platform for the P4...remember the 850E versus the 845PE...and if u check out the RDRAM roadmap in an old article on's speeds would have scaled way beyond DDR....but RDRAM was fuC@#d somewhere along its evolution!!
  7. Simple even canterwood was barely 5%m faster with 66 more mghz on the FSB and ram.For overclocker that infinite bandwith.

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