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I have a HP PSC 1410, uses HP 21(Black) and 22(Color) cartridge.

Today I refilled my cartridge (for the first time myself. Always got it done by pros.) I'm guessing I filled about 3-4 mL of ink. (Earlier the cartridge showed an ink level of ~20% of a full cartridge)

Then I decided to do an ink level reset. I messed a few things and thus my printer printed 5-6 alignment pages before I could get it right.

The weird thing is that after I managed to reset the level, the new level is lower than the old level. Now it shows ink levels at 5%-10%.

What do you think went wrong ? Did I fill too less of ink and a lot got used up in alignment pages ? One website says to fill 5 mL, and other says to fill 15 mL. Any idea ?

Thanks for all the help.

PS : A more pressing issue, you can forget the issue above for the time. Printer prints a self test page every time I turn it on. What do I do ?
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  1. It's alright. I managed to solve it myself. Just filled more ink and reset the printer.

    And for the self-test issue, a lot of people face it. The printer is simply asking you to align the cartridges. Place the self-test page on the scanner and press the scan button. The printer will scan the page but nothing will happen on the PC (If on and connected).

    And if you try to cancel the scan and use any old alignment sheet you printed, it might not work. You'll normally have to let the printer print a fresh sheet, and immediately scan it (before using the printer for anything else).
  2. Lol, can't I select my answer as the best answer ?
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