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I've found a forum post stating that 32-bit Win XP games and apps (...most All of my games and apps! <sigh>) can be run using Win 7.0 in "XP compatibility mode."

Ok. ...But can you run All 32-bit XP games and apps this way? ...And is there any noticeable degradation in performance?

Is there any advantage in using one version over another of Win 7.0 to run 32-bit XP games and apps in compatibility mode?

How about Win 8.0? Can you run 32-bit XP games and apps using any version of Win 8.0?
Is any version of 8.0 better than another for doing this?
...Any peformance hits noticed when doing this?

Any help with this or advice will be Greatly appreciated! ...Thanks! :)
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    When I upgraded my old XP machine to a brand new Win 7 64-bit, I managed to install and run nearly 85% of my old programs / games. You won't get much issues as you think. If an older program will not run you can just run in compatibility mode.

    If you are talking about really old games (80's and 90's), you'll need DosBox which is an emulator to help run older games (because on your new machine these games will be super fast).

    Hope this helps.
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