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I have just purchased an HP Pc with windows 7 (64bit). I am trying to get my scanner which is a Canon N124ou to work but it won't. On the Canon website it lists different models Lide 20 etc. I know mine is an Lide but I haven't a clue as to what type of Lide (there is no number on this scanner anywhere which identifies which type of Lide it is). I guess certain types of Lide's work and others don't. Mine can't find the driver when it does it's auto search when connected so I'm guessing I probably now have a scanner rendered useless because I got a new pc with windows 7. Can anyone tell me if they have had the same problem with this type of scanner and is there a way to id which lide number model it is. I don't have the set up disc anymore and it's driving me crazy. Help please.
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    They don't seem to have rewritten the software for Win7 but there seems to be stuff for Vista. Try that and explore Win 7 compatibility mode and see if that helps.

    If no joy this leaves you the choice of paying a (reasonable in my view) fee for good 3rd party scan software such as Vuescan or Silverfast or buying a new scanner for rather more than that.

    I think I'd go for the new scanner, actually, because this technology moves on. Note, though Canon hardware is nice Epson software is nicer and that matters more in daily use.
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