Is it worth getting a usb gaming headset or should i spend more money and get a

I can not decide what headset I should get. I am very much so steering towards the Logitech G35, which is good price for me. But several youtubers have said that usb headsets are not so good. So then i think of waiting to the Razer tiamat but im not too sure if my motherboard will support it and I dont want to get a a sound card. Although I have heard razer headsets are bad. What shall I do?
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  1. i use a pair of sades sa-903's personally i find they are very good they are usb and cheap so yes i would go usb anything with 3.5mm jack breaks fairly easley usually i like usb because i move alot at my desk and the usb one allows rough treatment and if i walk away and forget im wearing them they just unplug and keep working any 3.5mm jack ones u used just let the wires break
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