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I too have gone from xp to win 7, and badly miss OE, I cant even find my addesses(contacts) I put in a search, it of course found nothing!! ive never had a search that has found anything I want,ever!! Win Live mail sucks,please let us have OE back!
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  1. There is no OE for Windows 7. If you don't like live mail, and I don't, use Thunderbird -- it is very much like OE but better. If you ever backed up your OE or have the contacts saved you can import them into Thunderbird.
  2. Hi :)

    Another vote for THUNDERBIRD ...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. My wife was use to OE, then got use to Vista Win mail (replacement for OE). When she Upgraded to Win 7. She hates change!!. I ended u porting Vista win mail over to Win 7. Not simple, but doable. Problem is you need access to a vista Computer and Need to copy the win mail directory to a thumbdrive, then transplant it to win 7.
    NOT as simple, Just google it. It involves changing files/folder permissions.
  4. I agree with Realbeast, go with Thunderbird.
  5. Yea, A lot simpler than using Vista win mail, But had to keep the little lady happy.
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