Can't get surround from MY PC when gaming and most videos

Ok, so I can't get my pc to do surround on anything but my headset most of the time.

When I use my speakers and do the audio tests on windows I get surround, but as soon as a turn on a movie or game, I can't get surround, just stereo.

I want to know what is at Home theater or My onboard audio:


Home theater:

I have the pc connected thru an optical cable to the receiver, the receiver says it can decode, dolby digital, prologic and DTS.

If I can know what the problem is, I would appreciate a fix, or simply replace the system, or add sound card.

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  1. The drivers need to be downloaded from the Dolby website...
    The audio software must be set up correctly. Check the settings in the audio driver software.
    If the program (media) does not have surround, then the true surround sound will not work. The surround must be ON the media you are using.
    However, you can set "simulated" surround, to make all the speakers work when there is no surround program on the media.
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