CPU Temp Exploding my Head

rite, where to begin:
first i had a axp 2100 (palom....thing core) o/c from 1.75 ghz to 1.85 (thats as far as it wud go on a 1.8vcore...the temps on that were high (around 63c load).
Neway, after gettin a new mobo and a axp 2500 o/c to 3200 (11*203 vcore 1.75) coupled together with an aquarius II water cooling system (yesterday i added a dual drivebay water rez (needed lots of sealant to make the tubes fit!lol) i still get what i consider high temps of 44deg idle 47load, i cant understand why! ive read review of the watercolling system and people have got 37 idle 41 load etc! WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WRONG?!?!

help me! (btw i also use Artic Silver 5 thermal paste)

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  1. - Are you cooling something else with the same watercooler than the CPU?
    - what is the temperature in the room where the pc is?
    - are you using the onboard diode (they aren't really accurate)
    - is the cooler properly applied?
    BTW, that temperature surely won't damage the processor, so chill

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