AOL are the worst!!

i recently signed up for AOL's BROADBAND, but after discovering that my USB ports were not compatible with the modem they had given me I called AOL and told them that I no longer wanted the service. I had the modem for 3 days, and as much as I tried I could not get the thing to work. I called AOL to see if they couold resolve the problem, but nothing. I then recieved a bill the next day stating that I had to pay £34.99 for my line rental. I called AOL and told them that I had only had the modem for 4 days, and I could not get on line. According to them I had not called the day before complaining about the modem, and that they had no record that I could not get on line. I was highy dissapointed at the service I recieved, and to this day AOL are still charging me for using the modem, even thought I don't have it.
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  1. it's AOL. You can't expect anything less.

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  2. No offense, but AOL is for dummies. They're expecting you to be a dummy. A dummy would pay the money out of pure confusion and frustration.

    You on the other hand should contact your credit card company as well as AOL again and see to it that you get a refund and the service cancelled.

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  3. wow i can remember when i used to use AOL! uggghh i hated it, back in the 33.6 dial ups days... version 3 and 4 and stuff.. oh god, the stupid saying that got drilled into my brain! "GOODBYE!"
    Aol was so bad, i deceided to use netzero for awhile, just cause aol was so bad.
    and the SLOWNESS! ahhh.. when cable modem came out, i was like OMG this is deff worth the stupid money!

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  4. Anyone who knows exactly what AOL do while you're connected to their "service" wouldn't go within a million miles of them. The reason they have so many customers is because not enough people understand it.

    I built a second PC for some friends of my parents, and they wanted me to network it with their original one. The new PC had nothing on it except a clean install of Windows.

    Their original PC (from PC-World) had come with AOL software on it, but they had never used it to get online.
    They didn't have any AOL cd's or other media capable of installing it.

    But nevertheless, the next time I was there, AOL was on both machines.

    The word VIRUS springs to mind for some reason.

    It's one thing to hold a hammer in your hand, but do you have it in you? Can you pound that motherboard?
  5. lol.

    Hilbert space is a big place.
  6. AOL is so bad, I agree. My father has had it for about 6 years or so, and he finally decided to cancel it and get a cable modem with Cox. I can understand why he kept it, it can be difficult for people without much computer experience to change their software. The only thing that really convinced him to cancel was when AOL billed him 3 times in the same month for unlimited service, and refused to acknowledge that they had made a mistake. Months later, the credit card company finally resolved it, and AOL has lost another customer. When are more people going to catch on that AOL is not good for anybody, of any skill level?
  7. Be carefull installing anything from aol, even their instant messenger will set in your ie trusted sites list!!!!!!!!! Not to mention how they like to populate your desktop and start menu with spam. as people have pointed out before, aol is for noone other than people who have never used a computer before and do not shop around. Just say no to AOL. Unless for some reason you need them, block all of their cookies too.
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