I am seeking opinions and advice!

Hey! So I'm here to ask you guys what it would take to get into the IT world, let me start off with some background info:

I'm 14 years old, in grade 9 and would like to pursue a career in IT when I'm older. I am entering grade 10, and we are starting to pick classes for the upcoming year. I am wondering if I would need to take specific classes in high school to get into a college/university that offers IT programs! For me right now Network Security sounds like a good place for me, so please help me out and inform me!

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  1. Too many areas classed as IT.
    What sort of IT career are you thinking of?
  2. Like stated above, I'm thinking about Network Security!
  3. Hey,

    My house mate works as a network manager which does include network security.

    Here in the UK, the best way i could advise you to get into a business sector you have no previous knowledge of is through voluntary work or apprenticeships. Fortunately for you you're still young so you can take a route down education that should get you there and not have to go through a lot of underpaid work.

    There are so many area's of IT it's unreal. I would suggest rather than picking what area of IT you want to go into now, keep your mind open and do everything you can, then once you get to a stage in your education to chose a specific area, you'll know what you prefer/what you are best at.
  4. Ok thanks! Im taking a class on network security in a week or so, so I might not like it at all, we shall see!
  5. Ya me too think its good to choose network security..........
  6. Here are some suggestions that may or may not be useful for you.


    See if you can arrange for a speaker or two to visit your school to give a one hour talk about the IT world.

    You could even format the talk to contain topics you want covered (eg careers in network security).

    You could form a school group comprised of similarly interested individuals. Have meetings and see if you and others can come up with ideas (like my suggestion of inviting a speaker or two).

    Do you have IT businesses in your locality? If so do you think you might benefit from making links with them?

    Perhaps there is a career specialist in your school - if so pre-formulate some questions, ask for a meeting and ask away. Note down points you want to remember for the future.

    Keep a diary or log for this project.

    If you can relate to any particular teacher (or even maybe if you can't) approach them politely and put the question to them too.

    Put up a notice on your school board seeking supportive students to join you.

    Do a 'mnd map'for this question that you posted here.

    Check CISCO it's a big maybe the biggest network business (they even do their own big heavy techy books and have their own qualifications and exams - find out about them). May be contact them too.

    Consider posting your question to more specialist forums - maybe Cisco would be a good place to check but there will be other network businesses you could also approach.

    Good luck. Your choice, IT, is just one totally amazing 'field' to have an interest in - it never ceases to amaze me year in year out.
  7. Hi guys,
    I had i similar thought about embarking on Network security as a future career, but nowadays i am beginning to think otherwise. As a matter of fact, I am strongly looking into database management as a dream comes true to me even though i haven't decided yet. In which case, i really want to know which of the IT fields pays good money...?
  8. Stay in school! Keep out of trouble!
  9. Stay out of IT/engineering. Go be a doctor or a lawyer.

    You can always take care of your office's network security on the side for fun ;)

    I know I might sound harsh, but one day you'll thank me... or come and tell me that you shoulda listened to me ;)
  10. Nice forum to share experience. Anyway back to business. My contribution is that I see IT as one of those domains that are selling high these days. In relation to database management, Data analysis really pays high in US and many other developed countries.
  11. Study math, physics and chemistry in school. See if there is some computer studies options for you in your school, online if not... get credits for them.

    Buy/find some junk computers to play with, hardware, OSs (linux/unix/windows/mac). Take them apart, put together. Find some junk hubs and network wire and set up your own little network, setup one machine as a server. Host some LAN parties.

    Make sure you have a grounding in computer apps, especially data bases and spreadsheets as you are going to need those concepts later.

    Start looking at some programming, basic,... anything so you get familiar with work flows, syntax.

    You are going to need to know a little bit of everything before you specialize in security. Read lots about encryption, authentication.

    Don't forget your social life as you are going to need to communicate with people... a valuable skill in the IT world (and sorely lacking).

  12. Thanks for you reply, but may I ask, why would I need physics and chemistry in IT?
  13. You need to know/eat/live/breath scientific process. You will also need to know what a volt and silicon is. Also, experimental physics and chemistry teach you how to setup tests/experiments and hand/eye coordination.

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