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Hi Guys,

I am trying to find a laptop with long battery life (greater than 4 hours), but I also want high resolution monitor. I will not be doing gaming or anything, i just like having desktop real estate. Every laptop i can find with a horizontal res greater than 1400 has dedicated video, and usually a beefy proc. Are there any high res laptops that also have good battery life? Ideally in the 15-17" range.

to summarize:
Battery life > 4 hrs
Horiz res > 1400

does the above exist anywhere?

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  1. Sure it does. Lots of models have this. But the king of battery life is a Mac. Try that if your pocket can afford it.
  2. I can't afford a mac, and I'm not interested in one anyways. What non-macs have both of the above? I haven't found any.
  3. Dell Inspiron, Studio XPS and Alienware products all have 17" models with better resolution than 1400 x 900. Configure the one you want with a 9 cell battery. Just don't choose model with a power hungry dedicated GPU. Really all you need to do is check the cell count on the laptop's battery. If you have a 9-cell and an integrated graphics card you'll get better than 4 hours easy on any laptop.
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