PC shuts down after windows logo

AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor 3.6 GHz CPU
Kingston HyperX 8GB (2 x 4GB) RAM
GeForce GTX 560 Ti GPU
m5a78l-m lx plus MOBO
600Watt PS

So the problem began a few months ago. it was a random shut off here and there. i was given 2 new parts after the problem started. it was the power supply (old one was 455W) and a new GPU (old one was gforce 9800). to think of it the problem might have started when i got a new motherboard cpu and ram. so im pretty sure one of those 3 is the problem.
bare in mind that it would shut off aspecialy during game play but still only doing it once, twice a day. Now it shuts off while watching a movie or even chatting on facebook and when i try to start it, it just shuts off on me during the windows 7 logo loading again.
it gives me 2 options to boot from: normal, and repair mode. if i go normal it just shuts down. if i repair it not always but sometimes fixes the problem for an hour or 2. but sometimes it just shuts off again.
I play this game of cat and mouse for about 4-5 tries and get it to load. it's like an old car.

forgot to mention i also went from windows vista 32bit to windows 7 64bit and problem is still here

my computer uses 4GB ram for hardware reserve which i don't mind. i tried to reset the bios from a backup and it still keeps screwing with me.
it's the DAY to buy parts online so im thinking of spending less then 100$ to fix this problem quick and easy.

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  1. Does it Shut completely down or restarts on its own?
  2. Have you run memtest86+ on your memory to insure that it is not the issue? http://www.memtest.org/ The program is free and you burn it to a CD and boot from the CD so you don't need a totally working system to use it.

    If it passes two or three complete cycles it is not the issue.
  3. Also check temperatures readings for the CPU, overheating might cause the whole PC to shut down to prevent damage
  4. i got core temp. turned it on and played a game. min.39C max 89C
    current cpu temp 83C. do u think this might be the problem? should i just get a new heat sink?
  5. 89C is too hot for that processor. The recommended upper thermal limit IIRC is 71C, and I think that the shutdown is at 90C.

    I would at least reseat the current heatsink with a *thin* smooth layer of thermal paste, and if that doesn't bring the temps down get a new heatsink. Also your idle temp of 39C is pretty high for idle, so check your case fans and make sure there aren't a pile of dust bunnies in there.
  6. How big is the new power supply--750W?
  7. i got some numbers if anyone wants to take a look
  8. I had something similar until one day, it sh@#$%^t itself.
    Found out, it was the registry. Lost the lot!
    It gave me the opportunity to go through the motions of repairing etc....
    but, all in vain.
    Cost me a good penny to get it fixed, whereas, it happened a couple of times.
    Do you think I wasn't shirty!!!!!!!
    Something from the internet I think??????
  9. mikespr said:
    i got some numbers if anyone wants to take a look
    Like I said, too hot ( http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-FX-Series%20FX-4100.html ). If you have an aftermarket heatsink, I would remove it, clean off the thermal paste and re-apply a *thin* smooth layer or get a new HSF.
  10. fantomdark said:
    Does it Shut completely down or restarts on its own?
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