I want to reinstall Windows 7, Can i use old product key

Hi, My laptops getting pretty slow so ive bought an SSD for it. I dont want to simply copy the old hard drive to the SSD i want to completely start fresh by reinstalling windows. The Laptop came with an OEM version of windows on it, i dont have any disk which i can use to reinstall that with. I do however have a FULL copy of windows i installed on a PC build. Can i use the FULL windows installation disk with the laptops OEM activation key to resinstall windows on it?
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    You can download a trial Windows 7 image and burn it to a DVD from here (make sure to get the identical version except as SP1):

    Then just do a phone activation instead of the online activation, and explain that you needed to do a clean reinstall for the new SSD and they will not give you any hassle. As long as you are installing the same version to the computer that the key belongs to, it is okay.
  2. you can use the full install disk it might make you do the phone activation which is not a big deal ive done it plenty of times with the full retail install disks i have on oem computers without issue.
  3. Do you need any proof of purchase for the phone activation? Its been two years since i bought this laptop so i dont really have any receipts or anything!
  4. Nope, all you need is your valid product key. They are quite friendly and helpful in my experiences.
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