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im interested in CDW building my rig for me, as they will service it in the future if anyhting were to go wrong, but in oder for them to do it, they need me to buy all he parts form them, in orderfor them to warrant it. sounds ok with me until i see their prices. since im funding this myself, im interested in saving bundles of money as i would be with newegg, or pricewatch, but i also want a working rig downthe line, if my newegg peice of hardware dies, or a config messes something up. any previous experience?
thanks for the heads up
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  1. Build it yourself, that's what I've done the past thousand or so times. Ask around before you do, you'll get advice on working parts, buy those parts and assemble it. If a part fails it has a warranty, use it.

    All my parts have a 3 year manufacturer warranty. If my motherboard dies, for instance, I can send it directly to Asus. If my CPU dies, I can send it directly to Intel. If my hard drive dies, I can send it directly to Western Digital. No use in paying someone else for a service provided free by the manufacturer.

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  2. Thanks for the reply crashman, ery reassuring, and amazingly enough, i never thought about it.
    made my decision, im doign it myslef and saving a few hundred.
    rock on THG!
  3. Good decision. If you really have a problem that cant be fixed, you can always sue Crashman. Just for your records, his real name is Steve Jobs. Seriously though,there is no better feeling than having made one of these puppies work. It is very easy, once you know what to put together. Have a blast.
  4. Don't forget to checkout Multiwave at I have bought from them since 1996 and have been real pleased with price, selection, and the way they resolve problems.

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