Has anyone used MSI MS-1727-ID1

Has anyone purchased and used the MSI MS-1727-ID1 it is a DIY laptop? Any thought on it? I am in the market for a gaming laptop and don't want another dell. Would rather build one so it is cheeper and I know what is in it and what I can upgrade on it.
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  1. Here is the link: http://www.msiwhitebook.com/
    I am looking at the 17" Intel PM55 Core i7 DDR3 1333 GeForce GTS 250M / Radeon HD5870

    I will configure it with the Radeon HD5870
  2. Haven't used one. How much does it sell for? What are you planning on adding?
  3. Here is what I am adding:
    I7 720QM
    Radeon HD5870
    IC Diamond 24 Carrot gold compound
    500 GB Hard drive
    8GB DDR3 1333MHZ
    Intel Centrino Ultimate N wireless
    Windows 7 Professional
    3 Year warranty
    I will have them build it for a hole 19 dollars so I don't screw it up :)

    Normal work stuff word, excell, Power point, all that crap.

    Games: I perfer role playing use to do FPS but I have gotten old and slow. Role playing is dragonage origional and orgins, Future diablo III and starcraft July 27th.

    My goal with this build is a laptop that I hope will be able to play games for 3-5 years that is why I want the DX11 video card. I will upgrade the processor down the road to an extreme I hope. Would realy like to know if anyone here has one or knows if someone that built one. I looked at the M17x but I can get this one for 500 dollars less and with 2 more years on the waranty.
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