I downloaded a you tube converter. I cant uninstall it now without permission

Hi. I downloaded SEVAS - S together with it's own you tube converter. I want to remove it but i keep being told I need permission. I downloaded it myself. I own the PC. Why am I not allowed to do this?? :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. Are you on the internet when you try to uninstall?
    Sometimes programs requires it.
    If that fails, goto folder and just delete it or rename it so nothing can find it.
    When you goto the program and features to uninstall it, (without the internet connection), it should give you something to work with when it can't find it to uninstall it.
    Once you can convince the computer that it's not there, then delete the folder.
    You may have to hunt through the folders in APPDATA, etc.. or whatever, to find anything that remotely stinks of the program you wish to get rid of, rename it or them before you delete, in order to replace them back if you picked the wrong ones? And I mean hunt.............! But, be careful what you pick?
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