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Crysis patch 1.2 error 1402

Crysis from disk installed fine after upgrade to Windows 7 Premuim 64 but patch 1.2 will not install. It starts copying files then stops and says "error 1402 could not open Key; UNKNOWN\Components\..." then give an extremely long run of numbers and letters. How do I get the 1.2 patch to install? Both Crysis and Warhead played beautifully fullout on Vista x64. I am running 920 i7, 6gb ddr3, svga 295 gtx x2.
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    Try to reinstall the game. That might solve your problem (that probably occur because of damaged game files)
  2. Matan Eldan

    Tried reinstall of game and fresh download of patch 2x now and still the same 1402 error keeping the 1.2 patch from installing. Crysis really plays lousy w/o that patch. I did install Crysis Warhead and it's patch. That game is playing sweet with everything on highest settings. Whatever is messing with Crysis effects only that game.
  3. OK.
    Let see if it works:
    Please try to install "Microsoft C++ Redistributable" from this link:
  4. Well, got impatient and just did another win7 install, this time clean instead of upgrade. Everything including both Crysis games installed w/o problems and are playing great with everything on. Couldn't be happier. Worht a day in front of the computer. Thanks Matan Eldan for your responses.
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