CPU Stuck to Heatsink

Ok, I opened up a PC at work and took the heatsink out - the CPU (PIV 2.4) is completely stuck to it using some sort of thermal pad.

I can't think of any way of getting it back in without risking damaging all the pins. How the hell can I get it off the heatsink?!?!?
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  1. Didjoo try freezing it? The way it goes is like this I think, you put it into a ziplock, then squeeze out the air. Pop it into the freezer, & wait a couple hours, then take it out & try removing it.

  2. Ummm, sounds uber-risky!
  3. For future reference, it is better to take the hsf out with a twisting motion, rather than a straight pull. It is harder with th P4s so a few back and forth twists to start will help.
  4. Not at all all; woodman is right. put it in the freezer,there is no risk. After all, what do you think those vapochilled cases do to the cpu ?

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  5. Not too risky. Just be careful with the pins. Heating also works, but that is scarey.
  6. put it in the microwave 5min

    PS:dont do this

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  7. It's only happened once to me & I used a hairdryer. It worked.
  8. turn on your computer and run aquamark for 30mins.
    shutdown your computer, switch PS off.
    wait for 2-3minutes then try remove ur HS.

    A fine day!
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