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Time to buy new laptop is it worth buying core i5 or i7 or wait for i9?

S Punekar
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    No one knows how i9 will perform and even when it will be released.
    Also if you want to wait,you have to wait for ever because this stuffs change everyday and there is always something new around the corner
  2. I'm with Maziar on his point with waiting. As for the i5 and i7 it comes down to what your main uses for it will be.
  3. I would worry about the i9's heat output if/when they put it into a laptop. I've heard the i7 having some troubles already, but that's probably due to its combined use with high-end graphics cards. Would the i9 just multiply those problems?

    But still, too early to tell.
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