CPU? BIOS? PC won't boot

Hello, hope someone can help me here..

PC Specs: Nforce A78NX Deluxe Nforce 2 mobo
AMD 2600+XP CPU t'bred
9700pro gfx
6.1 onboard sound from mobo
46gig IBM HD
2x256 meg Kingston HyperX Ram PC3200

Basically everything was working fine when a friend suggested that i set the fsb to 200 from 166 as i have 400mhz ram so it should run at 200fsb. No chance the pc didn't like it so i tried to reset back to 166mhz fsb but when i went to reboot the damn thing refused to boot so i reset the cmos and it booted up again, everything worked fine, went to desktop etc no probs. However the fsb was only set to 100x12.5 so i was only getting 1250mhz so i tried to set it back to 166 which would set it at xp2600+ speeds so i saved and exited the bios only to hit a brick wall. It would not boot up again

So basically at the moment i can either have no pc or a pc that runs at 1250mhz if i reset the cmos everytime i turn it on or reset :\

Any further ideas?!

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  1. Tried updating BIOS yet?

  2. Did you have all the proper settings in your bios?
    Those settings before you reset your cmos.

    you jumped from 166 to 200 at once?!
    you could have broken your cpu.

    A fine day!
  3. Hmmm.. Sorry to disagree,(And I am no means the most knowledgeable person here) but I wouldn't want anybody to panic- I do not believe you can break a cpu that way.

    You may recieve a "CPU Failure" warning when resetting bios. But that's normal on some nForce mobo's.

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  4. Might try this:
    1) reset CMOS
    2) Upon boot, go into BIOS set cpu to 133, ram to "Optimal" (most stable, not one of the "agressive" choices) or whatever the lingo is for your board. Also with ratio of 1/1 or similar (I use 6/6, all pretty much much the same unless OC'ing)
    3) Save and exit
    4) If ok, go on to 166

    Sort of walk it back up in stages.

    I've done something similar to you umpteen times and it always comes back OK. Don't panic yet :)

    BTW, Does your board have any FSB jumpers you may have forgotten to change back?

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  5. Best thing to do would be to flash the bios to the latest version.
    Also if your shooting for 200mhz its a good idea to relax the timming a bit in the bios.
    Now I know you cant even get to 166 so maybe lowering the timming a little bit 3-4-4-8 instead of By SPD(auto) in the bios. Also maybe overvolting a little bit(by .1 -.2 volt) your ram can help strenghtening the signal in your ram.
    Also there might be a performance option set to turbo try it at auto or normal.

    Hope this help you out some
  6. It could be a power issue. Also, your friend was 100% WRONG, PC3200 (200MHz, DDR400) operates MORE stably at PC2700 speed (166MHz, DDR333). In fact, ALL memory becomes MORE stable as you slow it down.

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  7. agreed, i tried clocking my 2500 barton up by raising the FBS, the max it would go was 175 from the stock 166, it took me a bit to figure out what was going on and i came upon the solution quite by accident, i was at the local puter shop and saw a dual fan psu, i had always wanted one:) and to top it off it was a 450w one, my old one was 300w, long story short is that i now can reach 3200+ (2200mhz) with ease and my mysterious "quirks" have completley disappeared...lesson learned, if all else has not made a difference, take a closer look at the psu....

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  8. AFter i started up my 2500+ and decided it was ok, i put the fsb to 200. mines still running ;)

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    Figured i'd do it too..reality my ass.
  9. YO.........I had a similar problem....... I have a XP2800+..and the same MOBO..... MY GOD DAMN motherboard won't let me run my CPU at 166CPU setting, i tried 3 boards and all... and been on the phone with techsupport......... I have a good feeling after all that... god damn Newegg gave me a 2200+ instead of a 2800+.... cause i didn't buy it retail, they just sent the CPU in this little plastic [-peep-]........... i am kinda pissed off obvioulsy not bein able to run the CPU speed i should be......... it has already been a year now

    System still runs rediculous, super fast.....

    Ill be building new setup soon, and i might order another 2800+ RETAIL just incase and test it....

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  10. So let me get this straight. you tried to clock your chip at 12.5 X 200. Hummm, guess that's 2.5 gigs. HOW MUCH LIQUID NITROGEN DID YOU USE? Not to worry, your cpu is in shock, but it will recover.
  11. Updating to latest BIOS sorted it out, all works fine again thanks for the help
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