Left Click causing stutters, screen flash, click-through.

I have had enough of this problem and I need the experts to help me solve it, going to be as detailed as possible.

About 6 months ago I bought and installed a laptop SSD into my PC. I am using the SSD as my primary drive with Win7, and a secondary HDD as having almost everything else.

Whenever I try and play a game off the SSD, or HDD, only left clicking causes this split seconds flash, stutter, and in some games, even though the game is full screen, i click and it clicks through the game, forcing it to minimize and show me the desktop.

The first oddity is this does not happen with all games only some, and it does not matter which drive they are on.

Example 1: WoW on my SSD - has this problem on first load, but when I change from Windowed Fullscreen to full screen, and then back to windowed full screen, it stops and does not do it again until I close and load it back up again.

Example 2 - Trying to play Amnesia through Steam, both programs on the HDD, clicking on either video setting causes stutters, or click-through to show the desktop, even though it thinks I am still seeing the game. The issue with Amnesia is changing between full/windowed full forces a restart of the game.

It is only left click that causes it too, right click does nothing and causes no stuttering. There are other games than the ones listed that it has happened for as well.

Again, this only started when I had that SSD installed, and the drive itself has had no problems what-so-ever, just this clicking issue, and SSD install was the only change made prior to having it, where the HDD never did this.
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  1. Please Help!
  2. I have same issue. Please if someone knows.

    I got a very nice gamming computer that i cant play games because of this.
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