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Hi we have just had a new PC comissioned for Architectural Design & create 3D models etc using Archicad.

It is running Windows 7 64 Bit Home Preium and has Crashed every secound day. We have re-installed it twice, and it crashed the next day both times.

It just hangs around on Start up, even before we open up any programs, or has trouble starting up altogether.

:AMD Quad Core Processor - AMD Athlon II X4 Processor 630 2.8GHzx4cores AM3.
:Graphic Card - Nvidia Quadro FX 580
:4X2GB high quality DDR 800 Ram, Dual Channel memory architecture

Any ideas?
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  1. Are you installing any special drivers for the video card? If so, you might want to see how the system fares with just the stock Windows drivers. And if you're NOT installing special drivers, you might want to try the opposite - get the latest production drivers from the Nvidia site and see how they work.
  2. I would suspect a driver issue. Make certain that you have installed the 64 bit version of the chipset and device drivers for everything.

    A second possibility is a ram failure. Run memtest86+ for a couple of full passes; you should get NO errors.
  3. We have tried a couple of things. First the Stock drivers would have been installed from the box, then we tried installing latest Drivers from Nvidia for 64 bit Windows. We'll try the RAM first, any ideas where to get memtest86+ from?
  4. I also spoke to the guy how reinstalled it for us. He has done a RAM test and a hardDrive Test. He thinks its the Motherboard. Thoughts??
  5. It's worth unseating and reseating everything - video and other adapter cards, memory, processor...
  6. You can download memtest86+ here:

    It will boot from a floppy, CD, or usb.
    The simple windows tests may not be sufficient to uncover defects.
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