Are some brands better than others?

I'm considering to buy a laptop in the coming months and I was wondering whether i should limit my choice to some specific brands or they're just kind of all the same in terms of quality.

My doubt came from different opinions I heard from some people about different brands:

Apple -> expensive
HP -> easily occurring hardware problems, bad customer service
Toshiba -> crappy quality
msi -> unappropriately expensive

I don't really know much about laptops so I'd really appreciate if you told me whether these are just prejudices or not (and possibly make a list of the brands you thing are actually better).

Thank you
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    As for Apple,although its expensive but they offer excellent battery life
    For HP,Toshiba and MSI it mostly depends on the model that you are considering.
    Overall you can't say which brand is the best because it really depends on the model
  2. As Maziar said, model is more important than brand. A brand with an otherwise lousy rep may have a stellar model that goes against their norms. Apple has quality engineering so you always know it'll be a reliable machine, but they are indeed expensive. Roughly 2x to a PC model with the same hardware. However you also get a lighter unibody design and longer battery life. Why don't you tell us what you'd like your laptop to do?
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