Cant update or download anything 2012

I'm also running Windows 7, 64 bit. I am unable to update or download any software from websites. I am however able to download torrents! I just ran avast and have run malwarebytes and AVG and all have reported and removed affected files. But I still have the same problem. PLEASE HELP!!!

For example, I try to download the new adobe flash from the adobe site, I then hit run when prompted. It then gets stuck at retrieving the file until the following error appears..."Installation encountered errors Actionlist not found'

I try to update malwarebyes and receive the following, "An error has occurred. Please report this issue to our support team (include the content of all error message(s) and code(s) in your submission).
PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING (0,0, Host not found)
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  1. If you have been downloading torrents you're better of reinstalling windows. You're very unlikely to fix or even find all the damage yourself.
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