What does Mobile Pentium M performance equal to??

I am hoping to buy a notebook soon, which most likely would be Pentium M. I am just wondering how each version of PM (1.3 ghz, 1.4 ghz, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 ghz) compare to Mobile Pentium 4 and/or athlon XP mobile. Trying to figure figure out what ghz P-M to get. Also, I guess it would nice if someone could compare its performance to regular desktop processors. Mainly going to be used for office tasks, mathematica, C++ programming, etc; so I am looking for those peformance comparions. Won't be doing on intensive gaming on it, so I don't really need to know about it how it does in gaming at all. I am on a low budget so don't want to get more power than I need.
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  1. Pentium M (the CPU component also found in the Centrino package) compares clock for clock against XP processors...and wins! Multiply Pentium M speed by 1.5 to find approximate P4 performance. P4-M has the same performance as P4 when in full speed mode.

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  2. I bought a 1.4GHz Pentium M last December and I am extremely bappy with it. Very light notebook, very thin, and most important ... very quiet. Performance is excellent as well. As the previous poster said, a 1.4GHz has about the same performance as a 2.2GHz P4. Get the best proc you can get with your budget and I doubt that you will be dissapointed.

    Btw, if you live in the US, maybe you would like to check these guys out: www.powernotebooks.com
    No need for buying a brand product of the same or even inferior quality, and paying a premium just because of the brand name. In fact they have a nice explanation about how the laptop business works, I suggest you read it!
  3. Pentium M is king of performance/W. However, you don't mention battery life or size/weight. If you are not really interested in either, so if you can life with a bigger heavyer notebook and/or don't mind limited battery life, it might be worth while looking at P4-M's or Athlon XP-M as well, since notebooks based on those, will generally be cheaper for equivalent performance (at the expensive of battery life/size). And since you are on a budget, that might matter to you.

    As for comparing it to regular desktops; keep in mind most laptops ship with slow harddisks, which will kill performance on any disk bound activity, no matter what cpu you get.

    But then, I don't know (m)any good benchmarks to point to help you make up your mind :/

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