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I'm just looking for the cheapest notebook that I can play mostly 2D based turn based wargames on. Yet, I would also like to play a couple of 3D ones like Combat mission and Panzer Command:Kharkov.
I don't need anything fancy for high end 3D First Person Shooters or Highe end graphics rpg hogs. Just WARGAMES and mostly turn based and 2D...thanks
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  1. Well the recommended setup for Panzer Command calls for a GeForce 6800 or better. That translates to a more powerful mobile GPU than you might think. I'm thinking minimum of GeForce 120m? here's a model for under $800 that'll be a great laptop for most purposes. Fast processor, fast HDD and decent GPU.

    Acer Aspire

    This will do the job well. A fast processor for your 2D applications and a decent Vid Card
  2. Hi there,

    What about the Acer Aspire 5738DG 3D? It is an affordable gaming laptop at $721 and has ATI Radeon HD 4570 Graphics. It also features a TriDef 3D screen.

    Is this within your budget?

    MSFT Windows Outreach Team
  3. No those are way too expensive. Setting aside Panzer Command:Kharkov what's the next cheapest ones? If Combat Mission throws them into the high range then take it out also. I just want a cheap 2D portable computer that will only get used 1 day a week for 12 hours max.
  4. That makes it better. Any other requirements? Screen size perhaps? There are netbooks capable of doing what you want.
  5. no nothing special just cheap and small please also want DosBox to work on it I'm going to play a lot of old Dos games too I think
  6. Thanks donavands but that was too expensive also. I ended up getting an Asus EEE netbook and it works just great for what I was looking for. Combat Mission runs on it and even Mad Minutes 2nd Manassas real time Civil War game works great on it. Only cost me $198 and some shipping fees. ;) Other noteable games that work great are Civilization II Gold, Master of Magic, Master of Orion II, 1830 Railroad Barrons, all my HPS wargames by Tiller. Centurion Defender of Rome and tons of the old RPG games by SSI and ULTIMA and Might & Magic series. Industry Giant II, Crusader Kings and all the 2D Paradox games before they screwed the series with 3D. Field of Glory and Spartan by Slitherine and Warlords III & IV. I have a slew of games to play now while not working at my job. haha ;)
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