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I would really appreciate your help with connecting a couple of old speakers I found lying around, to my laptop.
My laptop has normal 3.5mm headphone output, while the speakers have a completely different cable connection, originally made to connect to an age-old stereo (it can play cassettes... that old). The cables are different from other kinds I've seen before. I have attached two pictures of the speaker cables.

Is there a way for me to connect these speakers directly to my laptop or do I need to go through the stereo? Should I connect it to a USB or headphone output?
Thank you!

P.S Yes, I am a noob (but at least I know how to capitalise), so please make as simple as possible.
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    You need to go through a stereo system. You can start by using the headphone out with the correct cable. USB could be used with an outboard digital to analog converter which would then feed the stereo.
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