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Del'ing User Acct causes Mem Leak?

November 24, 2012 2:45:54 AM


So I created a temporary admin account to attempt to update a game that wasn't doing so correctly under the main admin account, and when that failed, I deleted the temp admin account, rebooted (ignoring that other users are logged on messages) and now when I load Windows 7 (32) it lets me load a single webpage, and then slows to complete crawl.

All that said, task manager doesn't show anything abnormal, and I'm trying to avoid reinstalling.

I can't load any programs OR WEBSITES after a first attempt to do so - successful prog load or not. I can surf in Safe Mode, which is how I'm posting this. However, The system doesn't respond to attempt to launch most progs installed, instead just fading out the 'clicked' state of the task bar shortcut icon.

Is it possible to cause a memory leak/loop that fills RAM and cause the whole system to ... stop? Or is it likely something else I'm not able to see...

No restore points are available; I simply haven't made one. :facepalm:

Things I've tried:

Safe mode (surfing, simple tasks work fine)
Uninstalled said game that was failing to update.
Uninstalled everything 'extra' that could be conflicting.

Everything worked just fine until I made/deleted that admin account, and the fact that Safe Mode kind of 'works' causes me to suspect it's related.