Best laptop for graphics on a tight budget... till i can do better!

What is the best laptop for graphics design on a budget of $850 US ? Can a Asus 15.6" UL50VT-A1 Notebook, 1.3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 500GB HD, 4GB Ram work for me? I will be running illustrator CS3, photoshop CS3, lightroom 2.5, and painter 10. Sometime simultainiously. I will spend more than half my time away from a power outlet, and use wireless internet connection all the time. What should i do? I'm SOOOO confused!!!
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  1. Right. So what you're looking for is screen resolution, battery life and processing power. You'll want as large a screen as possible if you're doing design work.

    Try this Acer:

    This gateway (blu ray player!):

    Basically, you want something with an i5 processor or better, a 17" 1600 x 900 screen or better, 4gb of RAM and a 9 cell battery.
  2. I feel like a broken record. I'm not an apple fanboy. I swear to gob. Refurbished Macbook (the white one.) they have a 7 hour battery life, are the industry standard, have amazing screens. But it does have a small screen.....

    I hate to admit it, but apple is finally competitive.

    Lenovo and Toshiba are nice IMO.

    check out this toshiba:
    add the 12 cell battery (up to 8 hour battery life...(straight from toshibas mouth)
    add the 310 graphics card, or the i5 processor.
  3. Also, later this year, the low-voltage mobile i7's are coming out. Then, you should be able to get an i7, 4gb high-speed ddr3, and a nice graphics card--all for under a thousand dollars. Look up the asus ul80jt
  4. For the kind of work you'll be doing, I don't think CULV will actually suit you. You'll want something with faster FSB and more cache.
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