Vertical cyan streaks: can I hack the laser cartridge?

I have a mildly used Canon LBP5000 laser colour printer. In recent weeks it has developed a cyan streak down the right side of the printed page. This has grown in size. I opened the printer and saw that there was a corresponding band on the cyan roller and a heavy streak on the transfer belt. I gingerly wiped both (a bit scary) and the next print was no better, leading me to suppose that something has got lodged in the cyan cartridge - probably in the roller seal.

The obvious solution is to replace the cart, but is there any way to fix it and save it from an early death? I am aware of the evil of breathing/ingesting toner not to mention the mess that can easily result from a spillage. Has anyone done/attempted this on a colour laser cartridge or know of a site where this is addressed, please?
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  1. pofadda said:
    ... Has anyone done/attempted this...?

    No? Well, I just swapped the sod out and now all is working. Just so you know.
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