Which of these three is the best i can spend on?

Hey there techies!

I'm fresh off the bat from buying an AMD HD6570 Black Edition and now i'd like to get a monitor.

Resolution: 1920x1080

Approximate purchase date: ASAP if not on Friday

Samsung BX2231
Samsung P2350

Asus MS228H

i'd like to stick with these makers . Please advise :pt1cable:
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    1920 x 1080 on a 21.5" screen is a bit small for me so my 1st choice would be the Samsung P2350.

    I don't like the Asus MS228H because it seems to sit pretty low on the desktop. Granted, none of the monitors have height adjustments, but... I just don't like the design.

    If you want a monitor with LED backlight, then I would go for the Samsung BX2231. However, some people notice that they types of monitors have colors that look a bit bluish. This is because LED backlit monitors have a color gamut of 68% rather than 72% normal color gamut. Wide color gamut monitors are approx 96%+ and colors tend to bit a bit more greenish, but the benefit is for color printing which makes matching the printed colors to what's on the screen easier to calibrate.

    You may or may not notice the slight bluish colors of a LCD monitor with LED backlight. The benefits are lower power consumption, and the monitor can be made thinner than a monitor which uses traditional CCFL backlight (florescent).

    #1 choice = Samsung P2350
    #2 choice = Samsung BX2231
  2. @ jaguarskx - thanks for the well detailed reply :)

    But i'm now back to the same dillema i was in before i saw the asus LED monitor.

    I also forgot to mention, I'll use the monitor to watch movies,work on AutoCAD, Adobe's CS4, Maya and 3DSmax. So which one would be the better off the two?

    If i should state further, the prices are int ka a as i live in bangladesh -
    Samsung BX2231 - 11,600/=
    Samsung P2350 - 19,800/=

    so how does the above mentioned uses affect my buying decision?

    @ cloudy2010 - Even though i'll get that brand,Not looking at the Viewsonic as i don't like its design with the slight bulge on middle of the border - But thanks for the link.

    P.S: I can get a hold of BenQ monitors, LED/LCD...any takers>> :)
  3. My recommendation does not change.

    Additionally is the monitor being used for professional work or for school?

    These inexpensive monitors that you have chosen use TN panel technology which means the colors are not very accurate. If color accuracy is important then none of the monitors will provide it for professional use. However, money is a major concern for most people so if you can't come up with more money, then there's no point in talking about more expensive monitors.
  4. Professional, nehhhhhhh, just all the oddball stuff and the thing about the color mathcing - i can manage without a high end deep pocketed purchase monitor :)

    I did go with your recommendation of the P2350 though - and am trying to work into a feel for the monitor. This will be my 5th Samsung monitor in 5 years :P

    thanks a bunch for the advice!
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