Problems with XP 2200

Hello everybody,

I had a computer with a MSI KT4 Ultra board, 512 DDR ram memory and 5 , Nvidia based graphics cards. OS is XP pro.

Till two weeks ago it was running with a 1800 XP processor and was running perfect.
Then I decide to upgrade to a 2200 XP processor and then my problems began.

Within 5-30 minutes blue stopscreens with messages about interrupt problems , memory problems and 3th party software problems.

The store gave me a 2100XP to try , but the same problems.
Even another 2200 XP did not solve my problem.

A replacement of the board did not solve it either.
Other memory modules the same thing.

An upgrade from my 300 W powersupply to a 460 W and also 256 DDR Ram extra did improve it , but with heavy applications still a blue screen.

The case is open on both sides and there is an extra ventilator for the graphics cards.
The CPU temperature is about 49-50 degrees Celcius.

I have downloaded the latest Detonator drivers and the latest 4 in 1 Via chipset drivers.
After Diskdoctor, Windoctor and Speeddisk for 5 times and the new drivers again an improvement.

I have done some testes with benchmark 2001 SE.

4 monitors and sound disabled : succesfull and 2835 points.
4 monitors and sound enabled : succesfull and 2834 points.
5 monitors and sound enabled : hanging

I am using ound onboard 5.1 surround as after the installing of the 5th graphics card I had some tics coming out of the speakers.

These are the results till sofar.
Like I wrote before ; no problems with the 1800 XP processor, but stopscreens with 2100 XP and 2200 XP.

Microsoft has no idees, but saying try with 98se.
I have installed the XP Sp1 but no results.

Who can help me on this ?


Gerard Salden
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  1. Probably more help from the pros later. It sounds like you'll need to reinstall, XP doesn't like component change. Could be wrong but I've heard alot of this before.

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  2. Quote:
    Diskdoctor, Windoctor and Speeddisk

    did you try a clean install without the above installed?
    have you been playing in the bios at all?

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  3. Just a supposition here, but what happen if in the device manager, in "processor", you uninstall your current CPU, shut down, change processor, and reboot again? Will XP see the new processor and adjust itself to it?

    Dont ask me the answer...i'm just asking too!

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