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I have a toshiba 5200-902 with xp professional sp2. Suddenly every time a connect a usb flash the laptop freezes. The weird thing is that I have a usb mouse connected and works fine!?

Thanx in advance!!!!
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  1. It could be that the flash drive is shot. Have you tried it on another computer?
  2. It could be your usb ports have gone bad to. I had this happen on my dell 1545 laptop and I had tried reinstalling the drivers for4 it updating the bios to make sure it wasnt a problem with the bios. I then broke down and contacted dell about it and it seems that one of the usb ports had gone bad in it cause when i used the other ports it didnt have the problem of doing that. So if I was you I would be looking into my warranty and contacting toshiba
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