Local area connection doesnt have a valid ip configuration

no ip config- local area connection adapter--says reset local area connection adapter-- I sometimes get online by going inti internet options and system fix- but I never am able to simply get online with out this fox- how can I fix ?
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  1. What kind of internet connection do you have? Cable, ADSL, modem?

    Do you have a router, or is your computer directly connected (maybe to a cable modem)?

    Let's check out the network adapter's settings:
    1) Go to Start and click on Control Panel.
    2) Proceed to click View network status and tasks in Control Panel window.
    3) Network and Sharing Center window will appear, then click Change adapter settings.
    4) Network Connections window will appear. Here you can right click on the network card that you wish to configure and click Properties.

    Click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" (you may have to scroll down the list to see this). Now click on the Properties button. Is it set to automatic IP address and automatic DNS?

    You can also learn about your current settings by starting a command line window (type "cmd" into the Start menu). Type "ipconfig /all" (without the quotation marks) at the command line prompt. Compare the results of this command when your internet is working to the results when the internet is not working.
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