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So i have just bought a HDMI to connect my computer to my TV too.
Thing is, now i have two displays, my normal screen 21" with 1360 resolution, and the TV 42" with a different resolution.
Usually im just using my desktop screen, but sometimes y want to switch to the other in order to see some movies in a better resolution.
Switching process is a bit of a pain, i have to change main display, change resolution, and change sound output to HDMI too.

Is there any app or something where just by creating some profile and double clicking it is automatically done?
I have been looking into the catalyst control center ( I do have a 6800HD ) and the only profiles i see are just for haven two or more displays at the same time.
That doenst works for me, i would like to have just one, and if i had two, my desktop screen is not allowing me a better resolution.

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  1. If you are running window7, click on Colour Management.
    If you can, select 'Identify Monitors".
    Then if it works out that it detects the tv, you can arrange your setup as default????

    Or, goto devices and printers and see if your tv is there and do something similar????
  2. Just right click on on a free space of your desktop and goto screen resolution. Choose "clone" and your TV will show a copy of the desktop with a different resolution. No such solution for the sound though as windows can only handle one playback device at a time.
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