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Since i am going to get my new video card for cheaper than i originaly expected, i was thinkin i could upgrade my processor with the extra money. I currently have a 1.7ghz P4, and i don't wanna spend over $200 upgrading it to a 3.06ghz or anything like that, but maybe just boosting it to around 2.2ghz or so.
Does anyone know a good site with a guide to upgrading your processor? (I have never done it before and want to make sure i do it right)
Also, are there specific types of processors for certain PCs, or would any P4 chip work??

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  1. Your motherboard will have a 400mhz FSB, which means you can go up to a PIV 2.4a. Make sure you don't get a 533mhz FSB or 800mhz FSB processor.

    Newegg.com is selling a 2.4a for $139. To be honest, I am not sure how great an improvement you would see. Might be worth another $100 for a new motherboard to allow for a 2.6c, which isnt too much more than the 2.4a but would be much much faster.

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  2. There actually article on how to install CPU in this site! Look around. If you can't spend over $200 now, I say save your money till you can spend 200 to 300. Then you get a new motherboard and 2.8 ghz P4!
  3. There are 2 different sockets for the P4 right now. If you give us the model of your motherboard (or your PC, if it's OEM) one of us will be able to offer complete information.

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