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So I plan on acquiring some nice bookshelf speakers ($100-$250 range).

I was wondering what some people use and how they like it?

Also, integrated amp or buy an amp separate?

All constructive answers are very much appreciated!!!

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    what type of setup are you looking for?

    2.0 ?
    2.1 ?
    5.1 ?

    main pupose?

    if all you want is stereo sound then you could get along with just two bookshelf speakers, integrated or seperate soundcard and a mini amplifier.

    if you want surround sound and bookshelf speakers you could get an amp to handle it but personally i would look into a receivers.

    for anything in between it could go either way.

    i've heard sets from klipsch and they sound great. however the price is a little steep and i dont have room for bookshelf speakers so i bought the satelite speaker set.

    there are plenty of other brands out there on the market though.
  2. So the main purpose I am using them for is to listen to music in a standard L-R format and also for games where I don't need my headset (i.e. story games and rts, not FPS's).

    My budget is around $100-$200.
  3. then you will want some sort of mini amp and a pair of bookshelf speakers.

    i saw another post mentioning a pair of polk audio speakers but i would suggest you listening to speakers before you buy.
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