What's a good mini-amp?

I bought a pair of Polk Audio Monitor 30 series II speakers to use on my computer(mostly for music). I was going to power it off a mini amp.

I tried a pyle pca2, which claims 2x40 watts but that's a bit of a lie. It's more like 5 watts @ 8 ohms. Anyway I'm looking for another mini-amp and was thinking about an Audio Source AMP 50, which is rated at 2x25 watts @ 8 ohms with <1% thd.

Anyone know of any better options? There's also the Audio source amp 100 which is 2x50watts. But the amp 50 is less expensive, more compact, and has bass and treble adjustments.

There's also the pyle pca4 (listed at 2x120watts), which is really 2x20watts @ 4 ohms. But I'm a little turned off by pyle's habit of lying about their wattage.

I don't need anything super loud, but I'd like clean sound.

I'm just running it off integrated sound, but it's pretty good integrated sound, and I have an x-fi card laying around I could stick in it if I need to.
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    Parts Express has a variety of small digital power amps. They also have a forum that might help you to decide.
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