Need a netbook

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to buy a new Netbook:

Price range: $300-350

Needs to have decent battery life and needs to be reliable.

I would mostly only be using it for web browsing and email, and the occasional video. I was looking at the Asus EEE PC 1005HA, is this a good buy? Anyone have suggestions? Need to order it today in time for someones birthday. Thanks.
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  1. Its not a bad choice for a netbook. It does have the older N280 Atom CPU.
    Here is a list of reviews:

    There are the newer ASUS Eee PC 1001P with Atom N450 CPUs to check out.
    Here is a list of reviews:
  2. TESTED: The Best New Netbooks. Gizmodo review @
  3. Hmm, ty, anyone else have any suggestions?
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    Personally, i enjoy the look of the Dell 10. The trackpad isnt great--then again, most aren't on netbooks, although the dell seems to work. Software support is great.

    Bottom line:

    Buy a 250-300 dollar netbook and throw in a 2gb stick of ram. The performance will greatly increase. I'm using a netbook to type this right now, and after upgrading the ram and the hard drive to a 7200 rpm hdd, i can honestly say that real world performance has doubled.

    From what i've read, the samsungs,hps, and dells all are great all-around machines, and the eepc has a great screen. Are you buying from a retailer? Or an etailer?

    I can go take a look at best buy on monday if youd like, then make a retail recommendation.

    Otherwise, i would go online and get an hp netbook like the hp mini 210. They just refreshed the line for spring, and they include the macbook pro style island chiclet keyboard. configure one and change the Hard Drive to a 7200 rpm one, change the operating system if youd like, and change the battery to a six cell. Total price: 299

    Or you can get this from dell.
    Dell's look cooler imo.

    Also, to squeeze some extra performance out of the system (if you have windows 7), buy a high speed SD card thats at least 4gb, and pop it in the netbook. Windows 7 can use it as ram.'s important to note that if you're a student, you're eligible for a discount through both HP and Dell.

    And occasionally you can find a netbook on sale at . The advantages to shopping at the egg are: cheap shipping comparatively, no sales tax in most states, you can buy the ram and netbook in the same place, and they have FAST shipping.
  5. I recently bought a Samsung N150 from the egg. Typical netbook with a better than average netbook keyboard and excellent battery life.
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