Windows get stuck "freez" "not responding"

i installed a new nvedia pci and run but windows 7 get stuck and give error in blue screen and fast reboot the pc .. i tried to re install windows and get the same stuck on the first screen where to choose languages and press next screen then i tired to do a recovery but also got freez on the first screen.. ! but when i put another hard drive where xp installed it starts as it should be ! also i did a new installation of windows 7 on the hard disk and starts perfect on other computer but when put back the pc where the new graphic card it freeze! please help .
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  1. Try re-seating the new card.
    Did you read the instructions carefully?
    Can you install both Harddrives in the same computer?
    (Be careful which drive is 1st to be accessed.)
    If so, use the old XP to boot, using the other as slave,
    If up and running ok, and, able to access the slave ok, format the slave, with a partition, then try installing windows7 to the slave, then swap them around
    Wiring and all, then use the new windows disc to boot using the other as slave?????
    If that fails, then it's probably a faulty hard drive!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. In addition, you MUST, look at the rear of the hard drive that you intend using as the slave, and re-orginize the pin sequence using tweezers to remove and place in the right order to make it the slave. There should be some writing somewhere on the drive to tell you where to place them.

    When or if you swap them, you have to put the pins back in the same order in order to use it as the master. doing to the other, swapping the pins.

    Or, if all goes well, you can tell the computer, using the setup on boot section, to boot from another device. This would save you the inconvenience of having to swap the pins.
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