Buy a 2.6c (800mhz) or 2.8c(800mhz)???

That is the question. Upgrade time and both of these are about the same price. Which is better and easier to overclock? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. Buy the 2.8C. With Abit IS7 Mobo.
  2. 2.8C

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  3. The 2.8C overclocks good.
  4. if similar in price, of course you go for the higher mhz!
    you never know how much you can push your fsb with you current ram!

    A fine day!
  5. 2.8C usually overclocks higher.

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  6. 2.8c since it is barely any more expensive. Any of the 800mhz FSB processors in that range (2.4c, 2.6c, 2.8c) will OC quite well.

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