Intel Cloning AMD Chips?

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"AMD also agreed not to make any clones of Intel chips, but nothing bars Intel from doing a clone of an AMD chip, Mulloy added."

How soon we should see an Intel cloned A64 chip?
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  1. I'm afraid things will probably not be like that... My thoughts only, though...

    Intel will probably end up adding stuff to AMD64 technology and calling it something different. Like P64, Intel64, or whatever.

    For all I care, I don't mind who's cloning who. All I care is who's got the best and fastest processor. Because of the cross-licensing agreement, they're both free to copy tech from each other (like AMD64 from AMD, which might be implemented in Intel's chips, or SSE2 from Intel, which was implemented in all A64s)....

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  2. That always gets me. That agreement makes it sounds like Intel could just push AMD out of the market by adding a 'value' line or something thats just cloned amd chips. i know this wont be the case, not with things like hypertransport and the onchip memory controller porbably not part of that agreement, but its still an odd situation.
  3. they got no choice to support AMD64.FTC will not allow intel to run alone.

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  4. If the great and all powerfull Intel were to sink to the level of having to clone Amd chips, word might get around. Intel would loose credability and market share. Sure hope they go for it!
  5. im with you on that... i could careless about who copies who...hell if if i could get a 4Ghz commador'64' processor for the right price...

    or if Sun Intel AMD and IBM/Apple got to gether and made one Chip it's all the same to me... Price/Performance.

    let the companies deal with the politics.

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