Asus G73JH-A1/A2/X1 Vs. Sager NP8760

So, I was considering buying a Sager NP8760, but then I came across the Asus G75JH.
The Sager and Asus are about the same, but the Asus is $300-400 cheaper. Though the Sager is a lot sexier (Clevo also makes the same laptop, and I wouldn't be surprised if others did too).

So, are these good laptops? Aside from being stupidly ugly in comparison. According the Newegg reviews, Asus support has been horrible, the GPU has massive overheating problems (ambient room temp is usually 23 celsius or lower here, but it will hit 35 indoors a few days each summer), BIOS issues, and the keyboard sucks.
I've only heard good things about Sager.

So, is it a case of they threw every good part in there they could, but forgot to make sure everything worked well together? Will I need to buy a AC just so I don't fry it?
Is the Sager any better?

I do want the laptop, but I do need to know if it'll last.
It'll be 1 week before I can order. I thought I could now, but I forgot about some nasty expenses I had over the week... moving out is expensive :(
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  1. I would go with Sager because of better build quality and better cooling
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