Hp dv4-2145dx internal webcam problem

the webcam was working great until i went to the hp website and downloaded the hp media smart webcam software. after install my webcam did not work i have tried several different things such as reinstalling the driver from device manager and i even tried a system restore. one thing i did however find out was that in this location: C:\System.sav\logs the file hpmswebcam has the following text in it:

(C) Copyright 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

Sun 02/20/2011 17:46:29.50 ----- "HP MediaSmart Webcam" ("") -----

Sun 02/20/2011 17:46:29.50 Executing block: "HPMSWebcam"
Sun 02/20/2011 17:46:29.50 TouchInput detection: 0
Sun 02/20/2011 17:46:29.50 BrandName:
Sun 02/20/2011 17:46:29.66 The Exit Code is: 259
Sun 02/20/2011 17:46:29.67 *** Block execution completed. Status=

Sun 02/20/2011 18:18:01.74 ----- "HP MediaSmart Webcam" ("") -----

Sun 02/20/2011 18:18:01.76 Executing block: "HPMSWebcam"
Sun 02/20/2011 18:18:01.77 TouchInput detection: 0
Sun 02/20/2011 18:18:01.77 BrandName:
Sun 02/20/2011 18:18:01.93 The Exit Code is: 259
Sun 02/20/2011 18:18:01.93 *** Block execution completed. Status=

what it means to me is that what ever that update did was block my webcam from being usable it does not show up under devices and printers. it does show up in device manager and webcam applications but it gives the following error:

Can't connect to video source.
Please check another video capture device.

my current pc specs:
os: windows 7 64bit ultimate edition
ram: 4.00 gb
cpu: amd turion ii dual core mobile m520 2.30 ghz
hd: 320gb
connected devices: wd terabyte hard drive

please help me asap as i need this device for a video project
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  1. i have the problem

    un 03/06/2011 18:28:14.13 ----- "HP MediaSmart Webcam" ("") -----

    Sun 03/06/2011 18:28:14.14 Executing block: "HPMSWebcam"
    Sun 03/06/2011 18:28:14.15 TouchInput detection: 1
    Sun 03/06/2011 18:28:14.16 The Exit Code is: 259
    Sun 03/06/2011 18:28:14.17 *** Block execution completed. Status=

    actually i formatted ma laptop n installed win 7 professional N edition ..
    while trying to install the drivers n softwares back to support win 7 ..i got this problem
    i tried installing other version ie 3.0 c ..3.00A they all give the same error exit code is =0
    pls help me out .. how to fix it pls

    thank u
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