Files corrupted?

Ok, have just noticed this issue today and am quite worried. I had not installed any new programs (that I can remember) since I had noticed the changes.

My computer is only about 2 weeks old and just today I noticed that some of my pictures in my library were not showing as thumbnails but a black white sheet. So i looked and saw that they had the file extention .modd and .moff and some have .THM. Later I tried to open one of my programs and it wouldnt open because of some files missing or corrupt.

Why is it doing this? Is it a virus or maybe when I changed UAC from on to off (I hear this can make a difference sometimes)?

Please help

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    Right-Click an image, choose open with and select your graphic program, make sure the "always use tick is ticked" and it should put the icons back.

    .moff and .modd are use by Sony's PMB (Picture Motion Browser) application and are used to help index any generated video files.

    .thm are used by Sony Ericsson mobile phones and other mobile graphic applications.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I tried that but the moff and modd will not show up because they are not recognised and the THM show up as being really small. The problem is aswell, is that the files are way small than they should be ~1.5MB but instead the biggest 700k and smallest 300B - odd and annoying!

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