Water spill on Asus X51L

Hey guys,

Yesterday I spilled a little water over the right side of Asus X51L keyboard. I buffed the water off and later tried to power on the computer, and it worked.

However, today when I try to boot it, it freezes on the first screen before BIOS (Asus logo).

If I hit the power switch and keep pressing the F2 button, it gets to the part where it lists IDE drives, displays American Megatrends logo etc.

But I can't get it past that screen. I tried disconnecting the hard drive, but then it warns me about boot device not being present.

What could be the fix to this, any advices for DIY repair here? Should I try to format the drive or something?
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  1. It can be hard to tell what was damaged by the water. It could be the motherboard, hard drive, etc... Your best bet is to take it to a repair center and see if they can tell you anything.
  2. here's some good advice for when any electronic device gets wet. Remove the battery. Disassemble the unit as much as is possible. Remove all visible moisture. Spray metal components with WD40. Leave in a dry environment for a few days. Switch on.
  3. I took the hard drive from another laptop and plugged it in the water spilled one, and it stops at the same point as it does with the original drive.

    The hdd from water damaged laptop works in the second laptop though, boots up fine and everything...
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